What Is Borrower Accession Agreement

It is therefore clear that, although there are a number of long-standing and proven principles that apply to the interpretation of treaties, the Scottish judiciary does not always have a coherent approach or a coherent view of how these principles apply to the facts of a particular case. In any event, the case remains at the discretion of the court examining the dispute. In this particular case, the question was not what the language used in the instruments of accession meant, but a reference was made to a date that was manifestly incorrect. The parties did not deny that the date was incorrect and that there was only an initial guarantee agreement to which the companies could join, so it was to be hoped that, in those circumstances, a commercial approach would be applied and that the same result would be achieved in Scotland. The English High Court corrects a drafting error to make the security rights effective Although the court`s decision may give lenders holding titles containing incorrect references to existing documents or other errors the assurance that nothing should be done in the circumstances, it goes without saying that if the effectiveness of a poorly drafted document is at the discretion of the court, It is important that (no matter how harmless) design errors are avoided from the outside floor. It is easy to see how this happened – a document was reused when a new accession was required, and therefore all the errors in the first document were copied into each subsequent instrument of accession. It should never be assumed that a template attached to another document is correct, and lawyers should always avoid simply rewriting a previous document, even if they think the previous document is correct. Always start from scratch when a new join is required. And if all else fails, check, check and check again! It is common for credit and security documents to include protection of the lender and creditors in the event that an existing borrower or group of companies acquires additional subsidiaries or otherwise wishes to include other group companies in its financing agreements. In general, it is likely that these guarantees will require the parent company to become a party to the facility agreement as a borrower and/or guarantor, providing security on all or part of its assets to the lender or lenders with respect to the obligations of the borrower and the collateral companies under the facility documents. .