Service Level Agreement Websites

SO Inspired provides support and routine maintenance for the use and placement of textual and graphic content for so Inspired Client sites. If necessary, SO Inspired may obtain support from the customer`s web hosting provider on its behalf by initiating a support ticket. 1. Serverhardware We own the server. The server is installed and operated by us in space. You do not have the right to physically access the server or space. We assume no responsibility for loss or damage to data stored on the server. You acknowledge that we cannot guarantee that the server is free of defects. Nor can we guarantee that it will work without interruption or failure. All changes, including application configuration and installation, are supported by WNW Digital`s configuration management system.

Any changes made by the customer will likely be overwritten by WNW Digital`s configuration management system. Requests for system changes should be made through “3rd Non-Critical Issues, Change Requests, or Support Requests” or “4. Critical issues, change requests, or support requests.” Adding websites, users, and other common hosting tasks is provided as part of the Secure Managed Server service fee. The Service Level Agreement is associated with Design Inc.`s terms and conditions. Design Inc.`s hosting service operates annually. It is automatically renewed every year, with an invoice sent 3-4 weeks before the renewal date. .