Interconnect Remuneration Agreement Europe

The agreement is signed by 24 designated postal operators, including all major European postal operators. A second advantage of the REIMS III agreement is to ensure that final remuneration is based on the costs of the EU Postal Directive and is based on national tariffs regulated in the supplier country. Therefore, all REIMS agreements offer a business-to-business pricing system based on costs and quality of service for postal operators. The system known as REIMS was introduced in April 1999. The IPC, as manager of the agreement, mediator of the negotiations and chair of steering committees and working groups, was at the heart of the agreement. Interconnect Remuneration Agreement – Europe (IRA-E) is the first multilateral agreement on terminal taxes that covers both mail and parcel products and focuses on e-commerce. Other entities are expected to sign the agreement, which will remain open for signature by all current and former parties to the REIMS II agreement and the REIMS-Est agreement that participated in its negotiations. Therefore, this remuneration agreement is one of the building blocks of the new INTERCONNECT system, which forms the basis of a global postal e-commerce distribution network. After two years of negotiations, European postal operators have reached a new agreement on final payments, which replaces the REIMS II agreement in force since 1997. The INTERCONNECT Remuneration Agreement – Europe (IRA-E) and the Remuneration of International Mail Agreements (REIMS) are the terminal frameworks (TDs) developed by IPC and its members. Reims III pursues its quality of service standards, which are much more ambitious than the objectives of the European Postal Directive.

Reims III`s individualized penalties for non-achievement of the D+1 standard and a target of 93 percent will continue to provide quality of service benefits. Transitional rules have been outlined, which will further raise the objectives for those parties that have not yet reached 93% D+1. . IPC has also developed an electronic accounting tool called iPep to implement and improve the use of electronic accounting and electronic exchange of accounting data within the INTERCONNECT and REIMS communities and, since 2017, for UPU accounting for each designated postal operator. . . .