Apple Watch Agreement

When you install Sierra, you agree to the terms of the Software License Agreement, a 7,135-word, 13-page document that was last updated on September 13, 2016, such as the Service License Agreement. App licenses are made available to you by Apple or a third party (“App Provider”). If you are a customer of Apple Distribution International Ltd., the registered reseller is Apple Distribution International Ltd., which means that you purchase the application license from Apple Distribution International Ltd. but the application is licensed by the application provider. An Apple-licensed application is an “Apple App”; an application licensed by an application provider is a “third-party application”. Apple is an agent for app providers in providing the App Store and is not part of the sales agreement or user agreement between you and the app provider. Each application you purchase is subject to the End User License Agreement for Licensed Applications (“EuLA Default”), which is set out below, unless Apple or the application provider provides a custom license agreement (“Custom USLA”). The application provider of a third-party application is solely responsible for its content, warranties and claims that you may have in connection with the third-party application. You acknowledge that Apple is a third-party beneficiary of the standard EULA or custom EULA that applies to any third-party application, and may therefore enforce such agreement. Some applications, for example.B. Stickers and iMessage apps, may not appear on the springboard of the device, but can be viewed and used in the drawer of the messages app.

– Third Party Applications: terms of this Agreement regarding services, content types, features or functionality that are not available in your home country do not apply to you unless they are made available to you. To view the types of content you have in your home country, visit the Services or visit Some services and content that you have in your home country may not be available to you if you travel outside of your home country. You can purchase content on our services for free or for a fee, both of which are referred to as “transactions”. Each transaction is an electronic contract between you and Apple and/or you and the company that provides the content in our services. However, if you are a customer of Apple Distribution International Ltd., Apple Distribution International Ltd. is the registered reseller for content you purchase from certain services (e.g. .B. Apple Books, App Store, etc.) as displayed on the product page and/or during the acquisition process for the relevant service.

In this case, you purchase content from Apple Distribution International Ltd. under license from the content provider (e.g.B. Application providers (as defined below), book publishers, etc.) . . . .