Smoking Agreement Form

Without using this document, tenants can benefit from a lease or lease that is silent on smoking or illegal activities at the federal level. This non-__day of_____20__ entered between `owner/agent` and `tenant`. This addendum is an integral part of the residential tenancy agreement with the date of: – between the landlord and the tenant with regard to the premises #________ entered (please enter the full address of the premises). 9. Violation of the smoking ban rule: If the tenant violates the smoking ban rule, the owner/representative has the right to terminate the termination for these reasons alone. A month-to-month lease is ongoing for an indeterminate period. It automatically extends monthly and on the same terms until it is changed or completed by notice. [See Form RPI 551 No. 3] implement the non-smoking rule. The owner/agent is not required to take action unless the owner or agent has concrete knowledge or has been informed in writing. This form is often used when the original landlord does not respond to the smoking problem or when the owner is concerned about the owner`s recent use of the premises. Tenants and tenants generally enter into either a fixed-term tenancy agreement or a periodic tenancy agreement. Regular rental contracts in residential life are often set in the form of monthly leases.

Caution: Declare that the tenant loses bail if evidence of smoking tobacco or cannabis or other illicit substances is found in any form in rented or rented premises. Think of a non-smoking family renting out an apartment complex. Smoking is prohibited in all indoor facilities, but is permitted in public areas such as swimming pools and playgrounds. 10. Impact on current tenants: The tenant acknowledges that current tenants residing in the complex under pre-lease agreement, if it exists, will not be immediately forced to quit smoking in their home. When current residents move or their leases are renewed, the smoking-free rule becomes effective for their housing. Original tenancy or rental agreement: refer to the existing contract that has been established between the landlord and the tenant. The date and name of the lease must be clearly stated. 2) Definition of smoking: smoking includes inhalation, exhalation, breathing, wearing or possessing an enlightened cigarette, cigar, pipe, other products containing a quantity of tobacco or a similar lighted product. Alternatively, a lessor may negotiate and grant proactive options for renewing or renewing a lease while initially negotiating the terms of the lease.

[See RPI form 565] On the other hand, a lease establishes a lease agreement that lasts for a fixed term.