Ppwc Local 8 Collective Agreement

Local PPWC represent workers in 36 certifications, including health care, education, wood industry, manufacturing, chemical facilities and recycling, as well as labor and craftsmen. PPWC members work and live in dozens of communities across the province. Our annual meeting is held with delegates from each local PPWC, in proportion to the number of local union members. Todd Smith First Vice-President and Chief Union Organizer, Vancouver, BC 604.731.1909 (Office) 1.888.992.PPWC (free) 778.246.0967 (Mobile Phone) vp1@ppwc.ca The creation of the PPWC is structured to maximize participation in national and local trade union affairs. National officers are fully accountable to the National Executive Council of our union and are elected by referendum. I am part of several unions. What I like most about the PPWC is the autonomy you have on the ground, the fact that you have a say in how money is used and how it works. That is not the feeling I had when I was one of the largest unions. The most important thing about being a union member is that someone always has their back… You have support and someone to help you all the way. If you`re out there and you feel like you need good representation and someone you can talk to, pick up the PPWC. Someone from the union is going to talk to you.

I think you will be very pleased with your decision. Do you want to be part of a union that believes in membership control? Are you ready to meet your employer under the same conditions? Do you want the security of a negotiated collective agreement? The Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 8 has been a proud member of the PPWC since 1967, after succeeding the International Union. We are a proud democratic and independent Canadian union, consisting of five certifications representing more than 400 workers: we want to hear from you. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. All applications will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. One of the reasons I am a member of the PPWC is that it is an organization that acts on the basis of the reasons. Any decision made within the union is made by the people on the ground. We do not have business agents who make our decisions for us. It is important that workers are part of unions because they protect our rights, our health and our safety and ensure that everyone is treated fairly in the workplace. The PPWC is always ready to talk to people about its rights. If you would like to contact us, we will be happy to contact you and ensure that you are protected in your workplace.

The 2020 CCU/CSC Bursary app for John St-Amand Bursary and Madeleine Parent Bursary is now available online. These scholarships, amounting to $1,000, are reserved for dependent children of union members. . . . The so-called “union advantage” is even more important for women, people of color, people with special needs and part-time workers. There is also a contact form below if you prefer to send us a message. All applications will be treated in a strictly confidential manner. We look forward to your questioning.