Office 365 Data Protection Agreement

Yes, yes. The RGPD requires controllers (z.B. organizations and developers who use Microsoft`s online services) to use only processors (z.B. Microsoft) that process personal data on behalf of the processor and provide sufficient safeguards to meet the essential requirements of the RGPD. Microsoft has made these commitments proactively for all of the company`s online customers as part of its subscription contracts and for volume license customers as part of their enterprise agreements. Customers of other enterprise software generally available and licensed by Microsoft or our affiliates will also benefit from Microsoft`s RGPD obligations, as described in this notice, as long as the software processes personal data. Microsoft extends the RGPD terms to all generally available enterprise software customers, which are licensed by us or our affiliates in accordance with Microsoft`s licensing conditions and will apply from May 25, 2018, regardless of the corresponding version of enterprise software, provided that Microsoft is a processor or subprocesser of personal data associated with that software and that Microsoft continues to offer or support it. You can find support details in the Microsoft Lifecyle Directive under According to Microsoft, data protection provisions, standard contractual clauses and details of the EU RGPD have been removed from the OST document.

These are now available online in a separate document called Data Protection Addendum (DPA) Online Services. “This subset of data processing is intended for administrative or operational purposes, such as account management; Financial reporting Combating cyberattacks on Microsoft products or services; and compliance with our legal obligations,” she added. But includes the online services agreement sny Data Processor Addendum. Because, as I perceive, we need a signed DPA, since Microsoft trading our employees` personal data when we have Office 365.Right? For more information on compliance in Office 365, please Microsoft only uses your data for purposes compatible with the provision of services for which you pay. Click here to learn more about how Microsoft uses your data. When a government goes to Microsoft to access customer data, it sends the request to you, the customer, where possible. Microsoft has challenged in court any invalid legal claim prohibiting the disclosure of customer data requested by public authorities and will challenge it. I found information on the MS websites that such an agreement exists. Although I need them in Polish, it would be a good start if they are displayed in English, they can use the Assurance Service section of the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center to access documents providing information on how Microsoft maintains Office 365 security, data protection and compliance.