Non Disclosure Agreement For Thesis

The main reason for the delay in the publication of a thesis or thesis is to allow the protection of intellectual property. “The author of a report, thesis or thesis submitted for evaluation at the Decanate of Studies may request that distribution be delayed by one year and extended by a second year.” (section 27) “In order to ensure the free dissemination of knowledge and to maintain publication rights, contracts may only include obligations regarding the non-disclosure of specific data or specific results in exceptional cases and for limited time frames.” (Section 55) 21. Subject to the provisions of sections 19, 24 and 25, students retain the copyright to their studies, reports, theses and doctoral theses, which are completed within the specific framework of their academic program. This right is even applicable to the research director, unless a prior written agreement has been signed taking into account specific circumstances related to the preparation of the report, thesis or thesis. 23. Where the specific conditions of a research project are favourable to the development of a report, thesis or doctoral thesis, the research director must inform the student in advance and inform the rights of all parties concerned with regard to the use of the project results. In the two cases mentioned above, it is important that you go to the OVPR to ensure that all agreements are verified and signed by the OVPR on behalf of the DCU, in order to protect individual researchers and the university. Students often work with private companies or organizations when writing theses and reports. These external partners can enter into a written agreement to prevent third parties from having access to confidential information. Confidential information thesis on the confidentiality agreement (docx) 28.

This delay in distribution also applies when the research director has played an active role in the completion of the student`s research project, and even if the student has written the report, thesis or thesis related to the research director`s research project, unless a contrary agreement is signed between the student, the research director and the study dean. In addition, if the closing speech is declared “confidential” under the above agreement, the following rules apply: Please observe: – Confidential information cannot be used in publications without express written permission.