Music Performance Agreement

The amount to be paid for the benefit, when it is paid and how it is paid. Scenic diagrams of where each member of the group is and where the equipment should be used. This helps the stage manager to ensure that the proper positioning of electricity and light is done before the performance. Most small events don`t need it. But if there is a big stage and many performances, these details can be useful. When the performance is recorded, it is appropriate to discuss how these recordings should be used. If the group or performer wants a copy of the recording for advertising reasons, the abrupt change must be made in advance. The representative of the group signed below guarantees that he is entitled to sign this agreement in its entirety. The operator`s representative, signed below, guarantees that he is entitled to hire the operator and the location (above). Hit me, yes, an expiration date is important! I basically said that at the beginning of the treaty – because I may have several questions for the same date. I believe my contract now stipulates “job description to be performed (insert name and power completion date), please fill in all fields and come back with the filing by (insert expiry date). After this date, please inquire about availability.

For me, the expiration date is about 1 week, and if I don`t get it back, I`m with a phone call and/or an email. When they are sitting on the fence, it`s a good time to encourage them to book me sooner rather than later (I usually do weddings and holidays). For example, if someone hired me for their wedding next year, and then in 6 months, in 6 months, I learn that they expect me to accompany their cousin to sing a special song in the middle of the ceremony… and to do this, it would take countless hours to organize individually the pieces for string quartet…. It is now in my contract that our band presents itself as a band of its own, unless other artists are listed on Pg 1 and the appropriate notes, rehearsal room and rehearsal time are provided. Dear Dave, thank you, Dave. We went to the makeup, and it was raining 2 hours before the gig. We couldn`t do anything, but we had to wait 20 minutes before the gig started before the coordinator canceled the gig. There was no time to put everything in place in 20 minutes, but it was still raining. The coordinator finally gave up and paid us.